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I was in the mood for some silly PNR. It happens to me every now and then, and I’ll admit to the healing power of sperm being my guilty pleasure when it comes to romance tropes. My favourite monster is the vampire. I’m not a big fan of the soulmate thing that often comes with werewolves but if it’s done well I’ll cope. But werewolves weren’t what I was looking for when I stumbled upon Trouble (Omega #1) by Eileen Glass.

Looking for werewolves or not, I finished it in one go. Then I went on to buy the next, and the next, then I hesitated a little before I bought the next. That’s where I stopped. It’s the classic scared Omega who is picked up by an alpha who’s actually nice even though Alphas are arseholes in general. The four stories I read were all a constant build-up to claiming that will happen some time in the future.

I’m willing to bet my life many will love this series. It’s hot, and the characters are nice even thought I’d like to hit them at times. The reason I didn’t buy the next book in the seires is that I grew a little tired. I’m quite impressed, though. The last story I read was Upended (Omega #4) and that’s  86 pages of sex more of less. I doubt I could write that.

I really like the covers, too. Most often with werewolf stories, you get the naked torso with a wolf in the background. It’s all good, you know what you’re getting into, but these covers are classier and that was what made me click the buy button in the first place.

If you’re into Alphas and Omegas, check this series out. The first book Trouble (Omega #1) is free, so you have nothing to lose.

Book Cover Omega Trouble by Eileen Glass

Alluring but barren, omega is an unfortunate affliction Skye is trying to outrun. He gets away with it for several years, fleeing to a new city whenever the wolves get too close, but his survival mechanism creates a terrible, unforeseen result. By dodging and ducking every rogue alpha to approach him, the one that finally keeps up is the size of a truck. Liam is not a wolf to be disrespected, and Skye is all too aware of his place in the pack. Natural selection has never been kind to him.

But, strangely, Liam sort of is.






What sharp teeth you have!

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It’s October—the month of monsters! Do you have a favourite monster? I do. About ten years ago I read every vampire story (mostly PNR) I could get my hands on. This went on for a while so, in the end, I grew a little tired of tall, dark and deadly and started mixing it up a little. But as the nights grow darker I find myself wanting back to the time when I curled up on the sofa and read a novel a day, most often one including sharp fangs tearing through delicate skin.

But where are the gay vampires?

I know there are tonnes of M/M vampire stories out there, and maybe I haven’t read the right ones. Maybe I grew a little tired of these evil hotties even before I started reading M/M. Maybe, just maybe, the gay vampires are too busy having sex to actually take part in a rememberable plot.

I don’t mean to criticise, not really, but when I think of vamps, the books popping up in my mind aren’t M/M. I’m thinking of Black Dagger Brotherhood (yeah, I know one book in there is an M/M but it’s the weakest in the series in my opinion), Anita Blake, Nighthuntress, Sookie Stackhouse, Chicagoland Vampires, Guildhunter, I even think of Twilight before I think of an M/M story—though that’s probably more because of well-done marketing than a rememberable plot.

garlic, vampie repellent
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So where are the gay vampires? I scrolled through my read list to see which books I’d forgotten because some pale hunk must have swept me off my feet these last years. There must have been someone, right? Nah, not really.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Jordan Castillo Price‘s Channeling Morpheus series but, as much as Wild Bill drags me in, the stories have little to offer outside the bedroom activities. I really liked Winter Winds by Missouri Dalton about Cillian the deaf vampire. And let’s not forget Harvey Feng in the Sanguine series by Harper Lou. You have to love a cross-dressing, vegetarian vampire. Among the favourites, I also have to mention Jordan L. Hawk’s Hunter of Demons. I’ve only read the first in the SPECTR series but I so loved Gray.

I’m still missing a gay vampire snagging and managing to keep my attention, though. I miss desperately searching for the next book in a series. I miss not being able to put the book down until the dreaded ‘The End’ stares back at me.

Which vampire books should I read?


Release Day Falling Through

How do you know if you’re going mad?


to-the-blogToday it’s time for Larry and Travis to find their way out into the world. Falling Though is a novelette about a man his ghost, or maybe more about a ghost and his man.


Larry shouldn’t get agitated, but it was hard to ignore the ticks from the kitchen clock as they drifted all the way into the bedroom. Shadows shouldn’t care about the humans around them, but he liked living with Travis, liked looking at Travis, liked pretending…

He often found himself smiling at Travis’s funny little quirks, like the way he grumbled when his tousled brown hair refused to cooperate in the mornings. He liked watching Travis’s brows crease in concentration as he wrote down his numbers, how he rubbed his chin when he thought, and when he allowed himself to laugh at something on the TV. He definitely liked watching Travis in the shower. There wasn’t much entertainment around here, and Larry wouldn’t let a chance like that pass him by. It never got old, watching the suds run down his lithe body. But no matter how much he liked watching Travis, the absolute best thing about him was that he didn’t make much noise—and he never brought any obnoxious friends over.

Larry shuddered as he recalled the young woman who had lived here before Travis. If he hadn’t been dead already, he might have tried to take his life then.

Falling Through CoverTravis is running himself ragged. He’s trying to keep two jobs just to pay his rent. If he has to flirt with some creepy old women at the pub to get a little extra tip money then so be it. One day, he’ll have someone special waiting for him when he gets back home from work, or is that too much to ask? Right now isn’t the best of times to get a boyfriend anyway since Travis is going mad, but one day… Every so often, Travis gets the feeling of not being alone, and sometimes, he sees things. But he tries to stay positive; maybe there’s a strapping young fella waiting for him in the looney bin.

Larry’s existence was dead boring until Travis moved in. Now he spends his time watching Travis, fantasising about touching him, kissing him… Their movie nights would be a bit cosier if Travis knew he was there, but sometimes, you have to settle for what you can get. As far as roommates go, Travis is the best Larry has ever had, and it isn’t Travis’s fault he can’t see Larry – no one has been able to since the day he died.

When Travis loses one of his jobs, both he and Larry fear for their future. Larry can’t imagine being without Travis, and Travis is desperate to find a way to pay his bills. While Travis searches for a solution to his money problems Larry has to decide if he’s willing to risk existence as he knows it for a chance of a better life.

You’ll find Falling Through here:

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