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For the Love of Chequered Shirts

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I don’t see myself as a romance author. I’m fully aware of writing romance. It isn’t that I sit down and write about to two people falling in love thinking I’m writing a thriller – I’m not that delusional…yet. But, if someone asks me what I write I usually say...


Nortown Release!

Once in May…and then again at some other time.   Today John, Zachary, Tristan and Aiden are let out of their cabins! There is this strange place called Nortown. Where it is no one really knows. I look out my window and write what I see (yes, I’m practically run down by lumberjacks every day) but so far I haven’t...


Some Easter Fun

Are you looking for some Easter fun? I might or might not have gone a bit overboard with the lumberjacks. Today one novella and one short story are published in the Nortown series, turning it into a series in fact. I’ve had so much fun writing these stories, though I admit the thought of anyone reading The Empty Egg makes me...


Og the dog

Do you see the handsome fellow in the picture? It’s my dog Ove. He is a nine-month-old German Shorthaired Pointer. We got him earlier this year and as always when you get a new pet the biggest problem is what to name the little creature. In our case it was fairly easy. In Swedish ‘vovve’ is ‘dog’, or rather ‘vovve’ is ‘doggie’...


What makes you roll your eyes?

If you read a lot of M/M Romance I bet there are things you come across more often than you’d want to in your books. Things that will make you sigh, or roll your eyes, or maybe you put away the book for good. Or are you one of those who read all the tropes and clichés with a smile...


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