For the Love of Chequered Shirts

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I don’t see myself as a romance author. I’m fully aware of writing romance. It isn’t that I sit down and write about to two people falling in love thinking I’m writing a thriller – I’m not that delusional…yet. But, if someone asks me what I write I usually say that I’m mostly writing speculative fiction, horror and weird and that my format of choice is flash fiction.

NortownTherefore it’s really funny that my most read stories are about lumberjacks who live in a fictive village in the middle of nowhere. Nortown is where they fall in love, most often with other lumberjacks.  And don’t get me wrong, I love writing these stories, but I do so with a giggle.

It all started during NaNoWriMo 2015. I wrote Once in a Snowstorm during the first half of November, cramming as many tropes and cliches into one single story as I possibly could. Debbie McGowan, my editor/publisher, then waved her magic wand, and in December Aiden and Tristan saw the light of day.

I never meant for it to be more than that. I didn’t have any plans of making it into series, but something about Nortown stayed with me, and not long after I started writing Once in a Forest.

Since Once in a Snowstorm, I’ve concentrated on a few tropes for each story instead of trying to get as many as possible in there, at least if we’re talking theme tropes. All those other about looks, top vs bottom etc are still there. But what we have so far is:

  • Once in a Snowstorm: A mishmash of every possible trope ever found, but with stranded (trapped in a snowstorm) being the main trope.
  • Once in a Forest: Out for You, Bottom for You.
  • Once in May: The Healing Power of Sperm.

And between them, we have Aiden and Tristan shorts, and they’re just about one thing really. The Empty Egg and Happy Endings are more about moans and groans than plot.

Tomorrow, it’s time for two new men to see the world. Chris, we’ve already met in the previous books, he is the guy standing by the checkout counter in Nortown’s only shop and then we have Gabe who was born simply to become the main character in Once in the Underworld. Gabe is in witness protection and is being hidden in Nortown. So to add tropes to the list:

  • Once in the Underworld: Fish out of Water, Beautiful all along (or ugly duckling or whatever you want to call it)

And of course, there’s a little short Aiden and Tristan following. Just Words is smut in the woods where only the birds will hear you moan LOL.

Both Once in the Underworld and Just words are up fro pre-order, though tomorrow they’ll be up for real. You find them here:

Once in the Underworld:

Just Words:


Nortown Release!

Cover Once in May

Once in May…and then again at some other time.


Today John, Zachary, Tristan and Aiden are let out of their cabins!

There is this strange place called Nortown. Where it is no one really knows. I look out my window and write what I see (yes, I’m practically run down by lumberjacks every day) but so far I haven’t come across a real Nortown in Sweden. Though I lived up north for a few years in a small village where the meeting point is a café almost like Jen’s. During winter there are snowmobiles everywhere, by the bicycle stands outside the shop the kicksleds are lined up, and, I kid you not, they spread sand on half the pavement. The unsanded half is for the kicksleds. First snow comes in October, you hardly see the sun during winter (but it never gets dark during summer), and it’s cold enough for your eyelashes to freeze together.

But, back to Nortown! You’ll know you’re there if you see lots of bearded men in chequered shirts, wayward dogs, and gossiping women knitting and sipping on coffees.Happy Endings Cover

It’s about time to get a cat or two in there, is it not? And now, writing this, I think I need to get a kicksled in there too.

By the time we released Once in a Forest I already knew I would write Once in May. John was there, wanting to be let out of his cabin. His and Zachary’s story is not as fluffy and bright as Aiden and Tristan’s or even Tom and Jason’s but everything will be fine in the end, I promise.

Happy Endings is a Tristan and Aiden story, just a short little massage fun in Aiden’s studio. Og the dog even makes an appearance, not in the massage studio but in the story.

The big question now is what do I write next??


Some Easter Fun

Once in a Forest

Are you looking for some Easter fun?

I might or might not have gone a bit overboard with the lumberjacks. Today one novella and one short story are published in the Nortown series, turning it into a series in fact. I’ve had so much fun writing these stories, though I admit the thought of anyone reading The Empty Egg makes me blush…and giggle.

The Empty EggOnce in a Forest is about Tom and Jason. Jason is a friend of Aiden’s who is visiting Nortown over Easter. Unfortunately, things get a little out of hand and Jason ends up with a dog on the run and without a place to stay. While searching for his dog he comes across Tom who is working in the woods. Tom is instantly attracted to Jason but he has no intentions of acting on it, and that would’ve been easy if it wasn’t for the fact that Jason ends up staying with him.

The Empty Egg is a short story and I’m afraid it’s pure filth. It’s about Aiden, Tristan, and an Easter egg containing some silky satin. So for all of you out there who like a little lingerie with your men…

As I’m sure you’ve figured out by now there are quite a few tropes in these stories, maybe not as many as in Once in a Snowstorm, but trust me when I say they are there. In Once in a Forest you’ll find some Out for You and Bottom for You along with some city boy/country boy, or rather lumberjack, conflicts.