Writer’s Life: Five Things a Day

Do you ever get feeling you’re not getting anywhere? I’m one of those people who always has to have a goal. It’s not that I’m competitive, I sometimes wish I was more competitive than I am, but I need to have a project, a goal, something I strive towards.

I always say my life is chaotic and chuckle a little, but it really is chaotic. I have a husband who’s gone Wednesday to Friday one week, Monday to Wednesday the next, and Friday to Monday the one following that. I have a job where I never know from day to day if I’ll be working or not, some days I work 10-12 hours, others I don’t work at all. On top of this, I have four kids, one dog and three cats. It’s how I live, it’s not ideal for me since I’m one of those people who would pack her calendar to bring to a deserted island, but it’s the reality.

Sometimes it makes writing hard, it’s hard to find continuity, it’s hard to keep focus and I often feel as I don’t know where I’m at because I somehow fail to see what I’m doing as a whole. The only thing keeping it together is my indefinite lists, stick-its, journal pages etc.

So this month I’m trying out a new thing – Five Things a Day – to help me keep track of what I’m doing, and so far I really like it.

I was watching a video on youtube by Michelle Chouinard where she showed her writer’s bullet journal, and she was doing this five things a day thing. You can do that about anything you want, doesn’t have to be writing, but it’s to keep track and make sure you do five things every day to move you forward towards your goal.

I stole it from Michelle who stole it from Lawerence Block….so feel free to steal it.

I did one in October as a trial and decided to keep doing it. So here’s my Five Things November tracker. It’s a bit hard to see, but I have writing (of course) plotting, editing, reading, blogging, social media posts because I hate those so they need to go there, mailing to my mailing list, podcasts, info videos etc. You can add whatever you feel like, I’d say, and next month I might have other things in there. I actually have meditation in mine, not really writing related but I put it in there anyway.

And sometimes I don’t do five things, but it’s something to strive for.

Eight Feet of Magic on Wattpad

The air is getting crisper, the holidays are getting nearer, and some of us are dreaming about flying away to escape the end of the year madness. I don’t really know why but every year when autumn comes I’m grabbed by this urgency to write a holiday story, and while Eight Feet of Magic takes you on a flight to the Arctic Circle instead of serving you eggnogs by a crackling fire, it is a kind of holiday story.

I’m doing a little wattpad experiment and will post two chapters a week, it’s fourteen chapters long, up until Christmas…which only is about seven weeks away :o. If you’re not a Wattpadder or don’t have the patience to wait for seven weeks, you can always buy the story :).

It’s live on Smashwords and will pop up on the other retailers within a few days, but the first chapter is up on wattpad.


Book cover Eight Feet of Magic by Ofelia Gränd

There is still magic to be found. Even in the bleakest of places.

Hank Goodenough has spent his entire life in the smoggy streets of London trying to keep his head down and not to get noticed. Not an easy feat when you’re the tallest one in the room and have a brass funnel protruding from your head. When he finds himself laid off work once again, his dad wants to drag him away on a crazy quest. Before he can figure out how to get out of it, he finds himself on a steam-driven airship in search of Odin, the old Norse God and sharing a room with Captain Elazar Steel, a man strutting around on one high-heeled boot and one peg leg.

Steel doesn’t care that the winks, smiles, and small touches he and Hank share might get them hanged once they land on the ground again. He is determined to show Hank there is magic in the world and that there is no better place to be than on his balloon ship steering towards the Arctic Circle in the search of a Yule miracle.


Halloween Reading: Pink Slip by Amy Spector

Halloween – I’m thinking pumpkins, candy, costumes, horror movies and ghost stories…and in Sweden, we have none of that *sigh*. But, I’m not gonna let that ruin the fun. Are you looking for something to read for the holiday? Pink Slip by Amy Spector is a rather short romance story that takes you on a wild ride through the corn maze.

It’s the first release in a short story series called The Tattooed Corpse Stories. The tagline to the series is: Different Time. Different Place. Same Body. And that’s what the series is – stories taking place anywhere, at any time, with different characters, but with the same recurring body. And I’ve written one… It’s coming soon.

But, back to Pink Slip! Someone really should write a manual about what to do when coming across a dead guy. I mean there are so many options and then there is one thing that you definitely shouldn’t do – that’s the thing Jackson Winter and Tae Min Reese do.

This story had me laughing so many times. It’s sweet, it’s funny, and it has a few Wait? What? moments where you wish you reach into the story and tell them that they really shouldn’t do that LOL.

I loved that it took place, partly, in a corn maze. I’ve never been to/in one but it seems so cool. I was imagining the maze scene in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire but with corn instead.

Check it out!

Pink Slip Book Cover by Amy SpectorJackson Winter loves everything Halloween. He loves the weather, he loves horror movies and he loves his job at Hoffman Farm and Dairy’s yearly Trail of Terror. Now he thinks he just might be falling in love with the trail’s newest special effects artist, Tae Min Reese.

Tae is a disappointment all around. He’s not a doctor like his brother, he’s an art school dropout, and he has no interest in making his mother any grandbabies. Now it even looks like he’s going to lose his job at a second-rate, haunted farm. And he’s not even sure why.

When Tae decides he needs to break the bad news to the good-looking zombie actor who makes up any excuse to see him, a chance encounter gives them both something else to worry about.

Now, two angry drunks, a stinky car, and a dead body could ruin Halloween for Jackson forever. Or could it mean a happy ending for them both?