Buried Desires and Deadly Lies

Book cover Deadly Lies (Deadly Sugar #2) by Ofelia GrändDeadly Lies #TeaserTuesday

I’m a serial killer. I’ve lost count on how many characters I’ve offed, but it’s been a few, and the pile keeps growing it seems. It isn’t often you come across someone who encourages you to keep on killing but I have a person doing just that, the lovely Amy Spector is all for dead bodies. I actually suspect she has a collection in her crawlspace. But body collector or not, Amy has a beautiful mind and often comes up with great ideas. Last year, she suggested we’d do a horror double feature, and we did.

This year we decided to continue the stories. On the 27th of October, in other words in two days, Buried Desires #2 will be published. And since it’s Tuesday and some smart person has come up with the #TeaserTuesday hashtag I thought I’d share a little snippet from Deadly Lies (Deadly Sugar #2).


With small, soft sweeping movements, he managed to push away the dead wasps littering the ground underneath his hands. His fingertips connected with the uneven stone floor that rasped against his skin as he moved. If he could only find something.

He touched more dead wasps, dried-up bodies and paper-thin wings. Something pricked the pad of his finger, and he instinctively pulled away. He didn’t know if dead wasps could sting, if they had any venom left in them, but it didn’t stop it from being unpleasant. Steeling himself, he continued to feel around on the ground. Something. He needed something small.

Josh froze as a rustle came from the bunk above. The following silence had his hair stand on end.

“Hello?” He held his breath. He was alone; he knew he was. None of the bodies in there with him could move.

Josh yelped as something hit the back of his head. His trapped arms yanked him back when he tried to get away. Close to his ear, something moved only to come to rest against his scalp. Squeezing his eyes shut, he tried to convince himself those weren’t skeletal toes caught in his hair.

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Friday Reads | Just Like Heaven

I’ve been in a reading slump lately, nothing has felt inspiring, and I’ve been bored with the same old, same old. A day mostly without internet (electricity issues) left me with some reading time, though, and it was so nice to let myself get sucked into a story. I read both an old horror favourite, The Sandman by E. T. A. Hoffmann, and Suki Fleet’s Just Like Heaven.

When I read YA/NA it’s most often by mistake. I’m not one to read blurbs very closely…or at all. I look at covers and reviews when I hunt for new books so it happens that a college boy ends up on my TBR-list, but most often I avoid anyone under the age of twenty-five and am very happy when I find MCs that are in their forties. But, there are a few authors who make me pick up an NA book voluntarily—Suki Fleet and Claire Davis and Al Stewart.

I love Suki’s writing, the way she builds characters but maybe even more how she is able to put me there on the snowy streets. It shouldn’t be missed!

Just Like Heaven is a sweet wintery tale, not as angsty as the other Suki Fleet books I’ve read, but really nice. It was first published as part of  the Wish Come True Anthology in December 2015. Proceeds from both the anthology and from Just Like Heaven as a standalone go to charities working to support homeless youth in the UK and the US. So if you’re ready to jump into the Christmas reads, this is a great place to start!

Just Like Heaven by Suki FleetFirst Published as part of the Wish Come True Anthology (December 2015)

One rainy night in December, David helps a busker with pretty eyes get his stolen money back. He doesn’t imagine the strong attraction he feels is mutual. But after overcoming his shyness, David discovers Jess is definitely interested.
Jess just isn’t interested in anything but a one night stand. Or maybe two. Falling for David is definitely not part of his plan. But when David gets trapped in a snowstorm the night before Christmas Eve, Jess realises a night or two is never going to be enough.

Proceeds of this sale will be divided between two UK charities working to support homeless youth: Shelter and Centerpoint.

Friday Reads | Dance With a Vampire

I’m continuing the week with more vampires. I was recommended Dance With a Vampire by Fabian Black, a seven pages long story. I love short fiction. Many make the mistake of thinking it’s easy to write—it’s not. It takes a lot of skill. Authors who master the form can rip my heart out in just a few words where others leave me quite unaffected. In a novel, you have time to grow to like a character, but in short fiction that connection has to be established in just a few lines.

This is the second story I’ve read by Fabian Black, and my heart might not have been ripped out but I wasn’t unaffected either. At first, I found the narration a bit strange, or maybe not the narration, but the story is written almost like a letter where the MC is talking to a ‘you’. In the beginning, I was thinking the MC was another of those in your face bratty, young characters, and he kind of is, but there’s also some subtlety to this short story.

There is one thing that always annoys me, though. Why oh why do bisexual characters always have to be described as unreliable? In this short, short story it’s even pointed out twice.

I made a mental note never to date a bisexual again. It doubled the chances of being dumped. – p.2

Bisexual faux vampire types were notoriously unreliable, emotionally draining and generally unsatisfactory. – p.4

But if you’re in the mood for a bratty twenty-one-year-old waiting in line outside a nightclub on Halloween and some subtle vampires with a hint of BDSM, then Dance With a Vampire is for you. You’ll find it both on ARe and Smashwords.

A different kind of vampire tale, short and romantic, it uses a song title as a door into the story.